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Orville - the duck gets it !

Watch the duck get it !

Snow Tow - How your mate may not be helping you in the snow Add snow to a pick up truck and get trouble !
Caravan - it helps to have a car man enough to tow your van It does help to have a car capable of towing !!!!
SportKA - the car that does not like cats A cat hating car
SportKA - Now it's after pigeons This really hates Pigeons !!
Full - the funny Toyota Hilux Advert (also known as bugga) A funny advert for toyota
Another Aussie Toyota Ad A new meaning to Cattle Driving
Top Gear try to kill a Hilux Pick Up
Narrow Band (Dial Up) Stream Broadband Stream Downloadable Version
Ever wanted to get your own back on a car wash guy ? Ever wanted to get your own back on a car wash guy ?
How are you at parking the car ? How are you at parking the car ?
The cult video 405 The Cult video 405
Whoops Whoops !!!!
Tut Tut, WHERE did she learn that ? Out of the mouths of babes !!!!!
WHO is taking WHO for a walk ? Poor Grandma
Poor Doggy Low flying dog ?
Is this how they became extinct ?
HOW can he be a terrorist ? Bin Laden will never hire this guy !!!!
Need any milk ? No comment !!!!!
Teddy Bears Isn't this taking cute a little too far !
It should have stayed in the bin Some people are incapable of thinking !
Remind me, you stop at junctions ? Brakes, erm Brakes, erm BRAKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't you just love Fire Alarms ? hmmmmmmmmmmm, great timing - NOT
A Truthful Machine ! Some poeple do NOT like to hear the truth
Oops, timed that well - NOT Bet she wishes she wasn't hungry now !
A CLASSIC comedy sketch The Goodies do the cancan !